Revs #9, Part Two

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We continue our conversation with Bishop Julian Gordy!  This segment is about leadership, Bishop Elizabeth Eaton (yes, AGAIN…we’re excited!), and what the church of the future might look like.  Thanks for listening!

Revs 6: How DO we write all those sermons each week?

This is what came up when I googled "Woman pastor sermon."  Not totally inaccurate...

This is what came up when I googled “Woman pastor sermon.” Not totally inaccurate…

We respond to a question asked on Beth’s Facebook page: “How do pastors come up with a different sermon every week??”

How indeed?


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Inaugural Show: How Does THAT Work?

*Not actually us.

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Please join us for our FAQ and introduction show!

We discuss:

“How does THAT work?” meaning, you know, our LIVES.

How did we meet? (Hint: it involves beer)

What is a “Pastor’s Wife” versus just the wife of a pastor?

Do we ever, ever, ever write sermons together?

Thanks for listening!  Let us know if you have any topics to suggest or any questions that aren’t so frequently asked.


Beth and Scott

Revs: coming in early 2013

At our friend's dimly lit birthday party.

At our friend’s dimly lit birthday party.

Stay tuned for the Revs podcast, coming in early 2013.

Two reverends who are married to each other talk about life, God, and other stuff. We happen to be part of the Lutheran church and are pastors at The River and Holy Trinity. Upcoming topics include:

“How does THAT work?”  (our most asked question as a couple who are revs!)

How we prepare sermons (hint: NOT TOGETHER)

Why we prefer to look our food in the eye

Why do our neighbors think we’re conservative?

Size matters (of our churches, okay?)

Our take on mega churches

How seminary SO did not prepare us to be small business owners (and what we’ve learned since then)

Thanks for reading (and your future listening), and please let us know what you think.