Greek for the Week: Christmas Eve!


We’ve tried to make the word for feeding trough all pretty, but it’s not even pretty in Greek. That’s the kind of world Jesus was born into.


Advent Devotions, Week 2

Hope you’re having a blessed Advent!

Light two candles (if you don’t have them yet, they have cool minimalist candles at IKEA*), read some cool Bible verses, and eat some fair trade chocolate. Enjoy.


Devotions in paper form 2017 Advent Devotions


*We are NOT sponsored by IKEA, but we’re open to it!

Greek for the Week, Mark 13:24-37

Have you ever wanted to learn the word for “rooster crowing” in Greek? ME TOO!


It is GIVING TUESDAY, and I’m not asking for money…but I am asking you to share this podcast with someone who might enjoy it! I am thinking about giving it its own site so that it can be more easily found by a podcast search engine, so let me know what you think, and how you are using it in your ministry or daily life. Thank you for listening!

Revs: What Pastors REALLY think about Stewardship

You won’t BELIEVE what they say when the cameras are off!


(This picture is not an accurate representation of our lives, or the lives of anyone we know. Also, please don’t wear this outfit, EVER.)

We, seriously, talk about how we see managing money and asking for it, which we call “stewardship.” Enjoy!