Greek for the Week, Matthew 21:23-32

Got some good stuff for you this week, I hope! Teknons! Metamellomai! Enjoy.

Greek for the Week, Matthew 20:1-16

Murmuring! Bastadzo (maybe my second favorite Greek verb ever)! And where does the word Despot come from?  This brief Greek for the Week gets into it. Thanks for listening.


Greek for the Week!


Debuting now on the Revs Podcast network…GREEK for the WEEK.

Chickpastor (that’s one of the Revs) gives a little Greek overview for the gospel reading for the Revised Common Lectionary. This week, that’s Matthew 18, in which Jesus gives us relationship advice.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professor! I am not a serious Greek scholar! I just like translating the text every week and thought I would share for your personal enjoyment and/or sermon writing.