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This is our first Revs with a guest, and hopefully not the last.  Thanks to our Bishop, the Rev. Julian Gordy, for some great conversation! We will be posting it in two parts…stay tuned for part 2 next week.  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “VERY SPECIAL REVS #9!

  1. Ok, so being completely honest here, I have very little understanding about the whole “synod” thing. I am a Lutheran only by marriage, so have little knowledge of Lutheran Church governance. Am guessing there aren’t too many Lutherans in the Southeast based on what was said in the beginning.

    Can I just say that I really love the podcasts? I mean, I love the blog posts by Chickpastor, but I appreciate the added ability to hear the tone with which the word are delivered that are can be misinterpreted when only just read.

    Road trip to Nashville! Could be fun! I’m game!

    I have no idea what the word “ecumenical” means. I only hope I’ve spelled it correctly.

    Who are our “full communion partners”? And what does that mean? Actually, if I think about it, I think I know what that means. Aren’t Catholics communion partners? That is a teeny bit concerning.

    Interesting that Luther didn’t like the term “Lutheran.”

    I’ve had more negeative “church” experiences as a member of “non-mainstream” churches than I’ve had as a member of Lutheran churches.

    It makes me feel good to hear that you struggle – even the Synod Bishop struggles. “Go and see.” That is what I’m doing. So far what I’ve seen at HTLC makes me curious to go see more. I didn’t expect that.

    Why can you only move diagonally on the chessboard? ROFL! That’s one of my favorite pieces on the chessboard. There’s something sneaky about moving diagonally versus moving forward or to the side like a rook.

    Enjoyed the podcast! Looking forward to part 2! In case it’s not obvious – I compose my comments as I listen to the podcast. It is fun! Thanks for doing!

  2. Thank you! It is confusing…I tried to explain some of it and not assume, but there’s a lot going on there. Yes, synods are our “governance” or groups of churches in the same region. Ours is Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, so when Julian was talking about driving a lot, that’s what he meant.

    Our full communion partners are the church bodies that we can technically share communion with, and also pastors. I may miss one, but right now they are the Episcopal Church, UCC, Presbyterian Church (USA), and Reformed. ELCA Lutherans will share communion with anyone, but not everyone will share with us (sadly).

    Of course we struggle! It’s part of this whole humanity thing, and for bishops too. 🙂 it’s hard to talk about an experience, especially when you don’t know what’s in peoples’ pasts.

    Thanks for listening and commenting!!

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