Mr. Mom


1983, people.

This week, Scott and Beth discuss how people are very….uncomfortable….with their current life situation.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Mom

  1. Ahhhh, gender issues. Lovely topic. Very loaded topic. Not my favorite topic. But a necessary topic. Why necessary for me? Because I sometimes feel desperate to be at work! And at times I think my husband wishes I was working and he was the stay at home parent. And I can’t get over the idea that the mom should be at home with the kids just because I should. But why??? This is 2013 for cryin’ out loud! Aye!

    Hm. I’m not uncomfortable with Scott not having a job other than to think that perhaps a one pastor salary isn’t enough? I guess I’m guilty of assuming that pastors don’t get paid a ton and am guilty of assuming that it would be extremely tough of raising a family on a one pastor salary regardless of whether or not it is a man or a woman earning the dough. If I did ask, I would ask out of concern for you having enough to live on not because he is a man. This is not the direction I was expecting your podcast to go in! I have no idea how much pastors earn. But in our capitalistic economy, if you’re not producing a product that people pay for and can either use or enjoy immediately, you don’t get paid very much. Ugh – think teachers too. No one has to pay for your service – it is voluntary what they pay.

    My husband and I were fortunate enough to be in a position to choose which one of us would stay home with the kids. In the end I think we went with the traditional choice – the man works and the woman stays at home. I was okay with it because I wasn’t sure I could handle the pressure of being the sole breadwinner and feeling the societal pressure of the mom should be the one home with the kids. But now…I wonder. I do not like doing all the “home” stuff. I don’t like to decorate, to shop (other than Publix – yeah, I’m a little weird) picking out drapes and things stresses me out. I don’t mind laundry so much, but everything else. not my thing, except for cooking – I do like to cook. Let’s just say I have a high tolerance for dust and leave it at that. I know that if I worked and my husband stayed at home our house would be much cleaner and much more organized.

    I hate to do the dishes too…. 🙂

    The Fix the Family blog…hmmm…interesting. Don’t think I’ll be following them anytime soon but their thinking is how it used to be many, many years ago, right?. Scott, now that you’ve learned to sew, you now feel like you should be at home sewing instead of working! LOL!! Men – keep your sons away from sewing classes! LOL! It’s the anti-Fix the Family blog!

    Mr. Mom came out in 1983. 30 years ago!

    I can’t speak for my husband, but I don’t feel like I have to stay at home with my kids. It is purely self-imposed. I don’t know if it’s because of my family history (my mom and two older sisters were/are stay at home moms) – it probably is, but I feel extremely guilty for wanting to go back to work even though I think I would be happier. I also have a friend who works full time and she is stressed to the max and I wonder if I could really handle that.

    “When you are living out your calling you are a better person.” I think that is the rub for me. I don’t think I have ever felt like I have been to be called a stay at home mom. Ugh. Guess I should start putting together that resume and see what happens.

  2. Wow! Thanks for your thoughts! It truly is a very emotional subject as well as societal. I (Beth) never felt “called” to stay at home with my kids full-time, though I did learn some things about myself, and feel lucky that I got to choose.

    Pastors make more than teachers, and I think that’s a little ridiculous, but it is true that when we live somewhere like the burbs of Atlanta it’s tricky to make it on one pastors’ salary (especially being an associate). We have found that God provides every time, but that we are happier (and healthier financially) if both of us work, adding up to at least time and a half. But life isn’t always like that, and so we’ve learned to save up just in case.

    I will pray for your discernment, because that’s what it is! You can make the best of many situations, but there are always choices, and God is with you no matter what your next path might be.

    • Yes, it is a very emotional topic! The other piece I struggle with is that there is some line out there that once I cross it, it’ll be too late to go back to work. I’m not there yet, but it just feels like it’s out there, looming. Cue the eery, mysterious, weird background music. Thank you for your prayers for my discernment – that’s one spiritual gift I know I missed the line for!

      Looking forward to your next thought-provoking post!

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