Revs #4: Why you should GO AWAY: our thoughts on mission trips


Mission trips are super important (we think!) for a life of faith, and even if you’re not so sure about the whole Jesus thing!


(If you want to see some pictures of Beth’s recent trip to Guatemala, they are here, here, and here).

4 thoughts on “Revs #4: Why you should GO AWAY: our thoughts on mission trips

  1. Ack! Would love to be able to download and listen to your podcasts on my MP3 player. But am not tech savvy and when I right click I do not see any option available to me that is remotely close to “Download this podcast so you can think about much more interesting things while you are cleaning the house”. 😉 Any suggestions?

    I listened to the hippie podcast on the computer and I am surprised that you were surprised. I guess I would expect most people to make the same assumption as your neighbor 🙂 I enjoyed listening and plan to listen to the other posts as well.

    • Probably should have also volunteered that I am a relatively new parishoner at HT. My daughter just recently completed the first communion class a few weeks ago. Not sure that we’ve met yet, but I think you’ve met my husband.

    • Hi there…not sure what is going on but we are also on iTunes as a podcast if you search for “Revs.” I will check it out and make sure the link is working. Glad you enjoyed the other ones, though, and thanks for listening!

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