Inaugural Show: How Does THAT Work?

*Not actually us.

Download our first episode “How Does THAT Work?” by right clicking, or left click to play it.

Please join us for our FAQ and introduction show!

We discuss:

“How does THAT work?” meaning, you know, our LIVES.

How did we meet? (Hint: it involves beer)

What is a “Pastor’s Wife” versus just the wife of a pastor?

Do we ever, ever, ever write sermons together?

Thanks for listening!  Let us know if you have any topics to suggest or any questions that aren’t so frequently asked.


Beth and Scott

One thought on “Inaugural Show: How Does THAT Work?

  1. Very nice inaugural podcast! Great topic, as well. I was always puzzled by organizations such as the Salvation Army, which openly encourages married couples to work together as a team. A lot of folks I know, regardless of profession, would rather not work together. They may love each other deeply. They may really enjoy being with each other. But they might just prefer working apart from each other. And leading a church *is* work. It *is* a job. I imagine working together in a church setting is much like owning a small business together. The work never really fades into the background, and your work/life balance becomes a bit of gray area. For some, this is a big problem. For others, it’s not such a big deal. I guess it’s all relative.

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