New topics!


The always-awesome (except for that ONE year…) Thanksgiving break has shaken some new topics loose from our carb-loaded brains.  Here they are:

“Christmas is B.S.” (a quote from a dear friend of ours, who is, in fact, religious)

We totally get why people don’t go to church (even people who WANT to)

One of us is more spiritual and one of us is more religious. We discuss.

Thanks for the follows over the past week or so…we are excited to get started!  (but not THAT excited; we’re still going to wait til January because of, you know, Advent and Christmas and kids and churches).


Revs. Beth and Scott

Revs: coming in early 2013

At our friend's dimly lit birthday party.

At our friend’s dimly lit birthday party.

Stay tuned for the Revs podcast, coming in early 2013.

Two reverends who are married to each other talk about life, God, and other stuff. We happen to be part of the Lutheran church and are pastors at The River and Holy Trinity. Upcoming topics include:

“How does THAT work?”  (our most asked question as a couple who are revs!)

How we prepare sermons (hint: NOT TOGETHER)

Why we prefer to look our food in the eye

Why do our neighbors think we’re conservative?

Size matters (of our churches, okay?)

Our take on mega churches

How seminary SO did not prepare us to be small business owners (and what we’ve learned since then)

Thanks for reading (and your future listening), and please let us know what you think.