LAST REVS Greek for the Week, Luke 6:27-38


I’ll be continuing Greek for the Week, but it will be on my new site, Peace Play Presence.  for now. I’m creating new things on that site involving liturgical yoga, retreats for women clergy, and obviously my usual fun Greek translations.


We just weren’t getting to do Revs as much as we wanted, but never fear, we may drop in a new podcast here and there on this new site. Stay tuned to my Facebook and I will let you know. I have all the podcast archives saved, and I think they will stick around for a while if you need to go back to one from another scripture. And here’s a final Greek for the Week for the road.

Greek for the Week: Luke 4:21-30

Jesus gets real snarky edition. But he has a good, solid, biblical point. And almost gets driven off a cliff for it. Good times.


According to Pr. Scott, this is THE hill that they almost pushed him off. Jerusalem is PACKED with people. And they were mad.