Greek for the Week: Acts 4

Peter’s, like, SO eloquent and bold after the resurrection!

A.D. The Bible Continues

I translated Acts this week because it’s what I’m preaching on, and I like it. Hope it’s helpful! 


Greek for the Week: Mark 11 for Palm Sunday

palm-sunday-songs-1-1024x585What bored acolyte figured this out first, I wonder? Don’t answer that. Just enjoy Greek for the Week for Palm Sunday, and let me know what you’d prefer to have translated for Holy Week next week!


Greek for the Week, John 2:13-22

SO MANY INTERESTING WORDS. If you are preaching, I highly recommend you listen and do your own research about the different words for “temple.” Very cool.

Also, do go read this, Dr. Lewis’ excellent sermon on this text (and where she gets a little meta about the switch from Mark to John, which I find helpful).